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About Astro CryptoFX Trade
Astro CryptoFX Trade is one of the world's leading and fast growing brokers. We offer our customers attractive trading conditions, fast and error-free order execution and the industry's most advanced and innovative technological solutions.
Invest globally in options, futures, currencies, bonds and funds from a single integrated account. Fund your account in multiple currencies and trade different crypto assets. Access market data 24 hours a day and six days a week.
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In our current reality where three billion individuals are associated on.
Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal that has evolved from generation X is on the runway heading towards a streamlined cloud solution.
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Why Astro CryptoFX Trade

Global Forex and award winning CFD Broker

Global Crypto Mining and award winning CFD Broker

Astro CryptoFX Trade provide global traders with access to the world's largest and most liquid market by offering innovative trading tools, hiring excellent trading educators, meeting strict financial standards and striving for the best online trading experience in the market

Awards and Accolades

Since inception, Astro CryptoFX Trade has gained industry-wide recognition. This is accentuated by a long list of awards and accolades for provision of brokerage and trade-related services.


Astro CryptoFX Trade is authorized and regulated with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in United Kingdom with Registration Number 113942 .

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Astrocryptofxtrade a Leading spread bet, CFD and forex Provider


Complete the application form online



Complete the application form online.



Easily deposit funds with any crypto currency of your choice



Astro CryptoFX Trade Provides it's customers with option for various crypto funding


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Get access to global markets with over 10,000 trading instruments and explore financial opportunities



Get access to global markets with over 10,000 trading instruments and explore financial opportunities

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Thousands of people get benefit

Excellent service Fast deposit and withdrawal Secure platform, Best broker and and easy support in solving any proplem..


So far so good. The customer service respond to me so far has been reliable and trustworthy to use.👍👍

Trade with Ultra Tight Spreads in a Transparent Trading Environment Ultra Low Spreads, No Requotes, Best Prices and No Restrictions

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Astrocryptofxtrade Values guide our behavior, decisions, and action, enabling unified collaboration across our diverse, international teams.

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Spreading freedom of money and building the infrastructure for the blockchain ecosystem


Your one-stop guide to all things crypto. Whether you're a rookie trying to understand mining or a veteran looking to develop a trading strategy, we've got you covered.

Our Plans

Whether you're new to online trading or you're an experienced investor, Astro CryptoFX Trade has customisable account types and services for all levels of retail traders.


$3000 - $5,000Deposit

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Personal Trade Assistance
24 hours Support
Earns 4% Daily for 520 days
Minimum Withdrawal $10,000


$5,001 - $10,000Deposit

Live Chat
Personal Trade Assistance
24 hours Support
Earns 5% Daily for 600 days
Minimum Withdrawal $50,000


$10,001 - $50,000Deposit

Live Chat
Personal Trade Assistance
24 hours Support
Earns 6% Daily for 700 days
Minimum Withdrawal $30,000


$50,001 - $100,000Deposit

Live Chat
Personal Trade Assistance
24 hours Support
Earns 7% Daily for 900 days
Minimum Withdrawal $40,000

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At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal that has evolved from generation.
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Astro CryptoFX Trade Daily Automated Withdrawal
Name Transaction ID Amount Wallet
Jacob Dale QRO33STM7DE $54,863 9B38CA08A1E3731EDCB522F99B78F852
Urielle Carrillo WVY16NVV6YF $98,265 9A32C144F8A1A509972BB2C61752477D
Sade May HZJ67XOK8NF $85,319 D52C90661B29D3FBE536AA26D5DDC34E
Stewart Barber MGM46OIP2UY $66,092 3D74A7418749C23A188EA7CA458398DD
Georgia Stewart RQH32PPK2HS $57,614 242535A02BB8C7E6887234D63AA1EA46
Walter Mcconnell WTO68BWV5QL $70,998 CE7E8A66EC147282D644EAC45834C44E
Kirestin Pickett GUS62CQL5CO $51,497 829616500E943A67E86D4BBCE678CB5D
Cullen Blackburn RUB79FKN6MH $78,636 5567918D3A5A48363323CAA37AA4C78D
Uriel Whitehead ZUZ61XRE4SG $53,720 C8DE3973412BC15F4C4518599DE655E7
Amela Lancaster XLL61CRR3YQ $65,122 3ACA31C548EE4F36A547F80A442D46C7
Grace Cabrera BEQ30ELI8GR $67,478 74E49EC4791B1969253AC122BF4F1489
Mannix Crane TQO52RTY5BK $78,607 28CA48B8E9832C8564A716DBDAC2A293
Hyacinth Mullen YPF18HVM4HD $72,496 66595AB824DCE5F88E39434341DBD7E4
Tad Walter EDK91FNN6WE $60,479 125C3264D9AEBB50DED456262D1C565A
Celeste Peterson XJB23BCM7HV $80,755 D71711A2E73BD173D54E9A1C2A8CDB67
Inga Farmer PCC69KVN6NH $62,240 6941E6E8E6B6545EA9D3ADBD98578E1D
Sara Wagner JWK44FNW5BD $81,380 ECBBC87A9EE0726C629DD0CEC4751ABC
Emery Fitzgerald EPR03GXV6VW $67,988 A1399543AD93BDE218B1D4740B1211DC
Donna Gross DII38NXN4CN $66,073 D7AE5F96A13A8CF1CA77E868D4AFA7AB
Marny Pugh ENP96YRE4UD $89,389 2649BD3D7466F3E7D554514D3B29B81D
Rhiannon Short GEI39RAW1EE $5,116 D10E29E2AD6D49228FDB2424E8ED18A4
Hop Flores SGC44CQJ7TF $9,090 784B1ADAD9810C7FD69EA3B05A3CC25C
Cheyenne Ashley PNK33CNZ2IS $5,677 5BB1E57371E753F71564ACFE2C17D6C8
Finn Love BDP52NNV7IX $6,231 2309353D569371BB340244BB4DF23B35
Harriet Kirk YTK04GNK1WW $7,309 21B8C4BED7EB7137CA0DE4338D6DB644
Palmer Gray RIV13KIQ5XK $7,369 BD36035F4BA5083A8F0BD4D0D67A4949
Bell Wall SOT57SVY2RQ $8,894 0ECE582134DD75BB26EEAFC8C7B976CC
Astra Brennan VIH52MBX2EZ $6,916 AF97CBB79BB41159464C491E2BE35CE5
Thomas Mccarthy ONX84AUG8RW $7,344 C5C9CFB3EC9132F1687A65096CB78D56
Adena Gross JJS72AGK8VY $8,455 00127BC4A405BA9D539DE68CBD6CA48C
Xantha Slater KUI32GCO2DB $9,800 E1776CF469B52450BDE0A7C4273BA597
Noelani Craft FZU56FHX5BE $7,241 A7A760F49D9B2B25123E585CAE7C99D4
Bryar Oneal EKW67RBY2QB $5,198 681CC53EFCB62A53CA13BB9BC411DEDD
Belle Curry CJL70YCU0DV $9,375 E73E97E688119D9A8795EA9773747FE5
Imani Lawson SHD90PEQ7OB $6,323 16402C1B2C9D7719EF9DD6EC2D583097
Ivor Reese UHU26QGA5GH $7,906 64BE033CDE953400247ABBFFFB6ECB3F
Hamish Armstrong XAY51HUY1WG $6,163 9CD161CA73294AF4F231ECEACD63A83D
Deirdre Glover RZV97XFN5KL $7,140 D9558A7B57D779373D6EABB34E926ACB
Ebony Callahan YJU92FHS1CX $6,464 B24BA74C2086735D739E4286932E6BB4
Regan Maldonado GXD29EPK6FY $9,333 3511DC582772DDD6778AA3B129145524
Colleen Salas LKF24VIX3KV $8,764 26A33BEC64D932DAAC62074C7D31F8DA
Levi Cruz FHW54IZD5NE $9,144 4737D90C9AB11A9E95EC78A7BB82B06E
Felicia Bowman YSC80GDV7HM $8,707 B56A69A093CEABF1BD38A2586A674672
Justin Sharp NEA76IGT4CF $7,417 BA68CD2C9D286129D9E92BE75931B83E
Holmes Calderon CNZ68YRA2FB $8,538 898CCB992B4B120D1D1CB6E0B994622E
Brady Ayala RLD43JML3ER $9,306 9CB6F7BB2497B4DBB4C2A873D89603CB
Ocean Kelly JDF77QPT7EJ $8,464 1B5C90B1AC59C672598BC67330CCA025
Lacy Pugh BBX05TAJ5TQ $8,779 3FA65EA49461CB55F249BB3DEE12B5C8
Bernard Bright TEX38XYX7GU $6,090 6239C57F5E266763BD38C2237C3132E1
Imelda Owen EJC05NLB4DD $8,220 AE67DD698FDCE6E6348F79E13A8B7E41